Michelangelo Girardi

Isomatrix 3D is out!

This After Effects script will turn all your layers, even animated one, in isometric one and will automatically add shadows and light 3D details.

Use #isomatrix3D and show us your creations

DISCLAIMER for All users:
Isomatrix3D works only with the Classic 3D render.
To set it up open your composition settings (CTRL+K)
and in the 3D Renderer Tab choose Classic 3D

DISCLAIMER for Mac users:

Isomatrix3D has been tested on both old and modern Mac computers such as those who feature the new M1 or M2 chip.

Here are some useful informations if you are working on a Mac computer:
Make sure you download the latest java:
and activate the following:

- Preferences > Scripting and Expressions > Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network
- Preferences > Scripting and Expressions > Enable JavaScript Debugger
- Preferences > Scripting and Expressions > Warn user when Executing Files

I want this!

After Effects Script that will turn your flat layer into a 3D one!



I want this!